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My Friend’s Flat Screen Wedding

They say you always have a choice. They also say, there is always a next time. I personally, might disagree here because I certainly did not have a choice and I don’t think there is a NEXT time when it comes to your best friend’s wedding. Growing up in a normal Indian middle class family… Continue reading My Friend’s Flat Screen Wedding

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There’s Hyderabadis & There’s Rest of the Country

It is yet another day in the United States of America and I suddenly realized that I have been craving for the Hyderabadi delicacies for a while, which then, reminded me that it has been 4 long awful years that I had left Hyderabad. Now, I’m not having a meltdown here, but I thought about… Continue reading There’s Hyderabadis & There’s Rest of the Country

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What I Learned After Watching ‘Before The Flood’

I have always been an ardent believer in climate change from the time I learned that the glaciers started to melt. It was way back in 2004 that I understood the term Global Warming and people thought I was crazy, because I tried to switch to “green” stuff way back in high school. I think… Continue reading What I Learned After Watching ‘Before The Flood’

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The Red Lipstick

She always wondered why girls her age loved painting the dead cells on their fingers. She asked her friend and received an answer which was not so convincing. The friend said “I paint my nails because I love colors. I like to flaunt my long nails.” This friend possessed variety of nail color bottles with… Continue reading The Red Lipstick

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Yes, I did not like New York city.

New York city, “THE” dream city. The city that never sleeps. New York city or the city of New York (with accent 😉 ) was on my bucket list since I had first heard of it. Yeah, you can blame Karan Johar’s movies for painting a beautiful picture of New York city for me since… Continue reading Yes, I did not like New York city.

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DEPRESSION=mind gone nuts??

India..the land of culture, brain and talent. India..that country which tops the list when it comes to population and cultural riots. India..a country that is still developing after 69 years of independence. India..this country on one hand empowers women and on the other hand, is known for brutal rapes. A country where there is a… Continue reading DEPRESSION=mind gone nuts??

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To All 20-Somethings

Warning: Strictly for 20 something people 😉 I have always watched people crumble and stand up. I have watched people change and I have watched them grieve over a loss and come out of it gradually. Young people who are mostly 20 something, go through a wave of unusual variety of emotions and fluctuations. I… Continue reading To All 20-Somethings

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Dear World, Tattoos are not a big deal in India

I cannot agree enough to the fact that people outside India, picture it in a rural setting in their minds most of the time. I agree times have changed and yes, they have changed big time in India. As I was thinking of an article to write this week, I thought let me write about… Continue reading Dear World, Tattoos are not a big deal in India

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Are You Ready To Be The Change?

I have always heard innumerable times that this world need some sort of change. Each one of us has our own problems. Some share it and some don’t. World peace, poverty, terrorism, corruption, and unemployment are few of the crucial problems that need attention. They say children need good education as they are tomorrow’s citizens.… Continue reading Are You Ready To Be The Change?