“Teenage” obviously, confused phase of life where one undergoes changes both physically and mentally. An age where you think you are right but later, realize what you did was a mistake and that you were over confident.

Youth, youngsters..people at the age of 14-21 think that they are the best. This generation demands all the cool stuff and wants to be updated with the latest fashion trend. Cool pictures, jazzy dresses, “hi-5” stuff and “brand” are all that matters to them. Well, it’s quite natural as the elders say for teens to behave in this manner. After all what do parents earn for? They need their children to be happy and content at the end of the day.

As time moves, we grow older and wise. Mistakes are part and parcel of life. Emotions, feelings, happiness, joy, sorrows, excitement, anxiety are all what each one of us undergo.

At this age, especially after 18, we feel we are on top of the world. We never think twice before saying yes or no. We tend to fall into bad company easily. We find the whole world a better place to live in. Partying and hanging out is what all of us crave for at this age.

We never realise the consequences of our actions in the long run. We fail to learn from others mistakes and errors.

In the world of FACEBOOK, we are constantly bothered about the number of “likes” and comments that we get for our pictures. Virtue, goals, mission, aim, all these are nowhere close to any guy or girl during his/her teenage.

COLLEGE is one of the main pages in the book of our life that everybody remembers till death. Ask your parents or relatives about their college life and they will definitely have something to narrate to you.

College memories are the best part in one’s life which brightens up a gloomy day when recollected. This is the time where you actually realise what you are and how you are. We as students at this age love to take risks.

The level of excitement reaches peaks. Outings, pictures, bike rides, road trips, ragging, lunch breaks, lectures, class rooms, teachers, campus everything seems to be the best.

Life’s memorable moments emerge from college life. You get to experience everything. You get to know what friendship is. You realise your strengths and weakness. You actually figure out the best and not so good qualities in you. At this turning point you are capable enough to make out what’s good and bad for you.

Relationships are a part of life which we tend to misunderstand at a certain point of time, and when we realise the value of a relation that we had neglected, it turns out to be too late.

Masti part of the teenage is natural and inevitable. Everybody is allowed to have fun and enjoy their best years. We enjoy till an extent but later we realise on our own that it’s time to get serious. Fun, frolic, teasing are all the extra toppings in our teenage.

After few years, we will remember all the rules we broke and not the ones we followed. 

Attachment is another string that tends to be a little loose at this stage. On one side we have our parents correcting us and on the other hand we believe we should stick on to our friends.

Friendship has lost its value as technology is advancing. An unknown person whom you have never seen claims to be your friend if he/she is in your FB friend list. But everything needs a reality check.

There is a lot of difference between a friend and ‘just a friend’. Some of us have close friends; some of us have best friends. Today you don’t need to be in constant touch with your friends physically. A single text or a casual hii on “WhatsApp” or Facebook is enough to revive the old forgotten friendship.

We have different sets of friends. School friends, colony friends, tuition friends, intermediate friends, mutual friends, college friends, coaching class friends, friend’s friends, sister’s friends, brother’s friends and what not.

But the point here is how many are worth calling friends. It’s natural to listen this phrase these days that “we are just friends”. This tag means A LOT, not literally though. 😛 Gossip is fun when we are in college. Teasing friends, making pairs, blushing, laughing everything makes sense at that moment. That needs to be cherished. What we never realise is that this would turn into a memory one day. When we share our lunch boxes or give treats and hit our friends, we don’t realise that this won’t last forever.

“Memories have to be cherished, not regretted!!!!”

Like a curry needs that extra masala and like a typical pani puri lover loves that extra puri, all of us need something exciting in our not so boring lives.

Here is where the so called top of the world feeling enters and makes easy in the life of a teenager. Yes, ‘love’- the mere four letter word that can make your life go topsy turvy.

For some it’s fun, for some it’s necessary and for some it’s just nothing but waste of time. Thanks to Shakespeare who brought life to Romeo and Juliet through his play. We at this age think that we are actually Romeos and Juliets and we fail to get back to reality.

Teenage love, first love is exciting to hear but later everybody realises that it was just attraction and infatuation. After a point of time people change, friends change and PRIORITIES change. The “forever” tag holds no meaning after a span of time.

Falling in love is not a bad thing but falling in love with the wrong person is a grave mistake. For some, that’s the best part of their college life. For some that’s the worst part. Relationships, commitment, maintaining girlfriends/boyfriends, dating, gifts, constant texting, knowing the likes and dislikes of a person is a common feeling and a natural tendency that happens with all of us.

The feeling which tells you that somebody cares for you and can do anything for you sounds great only in Bollywood movies. It is all different when it comes to reality. Many hidden truths are discovered, many problems are solved and many secrets are revealed at this phase of life.

The smile that you get on your face when you see your crush in college or the way your friends tease you when your favourite teacher or senior/junior passes by has a different meaning all together. J

For some of the youngsters love does not make sense and for some it means everything. Having crushes, falling for actor/actress, going mad for your favourite guy in the college football/ volleyball/basketball team are all interesting that will surely curve up your mouth when you sit back 10 years from now and think about your college life.

There are many things that we need to let go and move on as we reach to a certain level. What you tend to do always is fall for something that could never be yours without thinking twice. We find it difficult to understand a person even after spending years together. We fail to live up to few expectations. We find ourselves in turmoil at this particular age. We have so many unanswered questions. We look up to somebody who can match our level of stupidity and understand our craziness. But when that particular person changes with time, we curse ourselves for having been dependant on them.

Memories in the form of pictures and flashes of time spent at a particular place come into your mind. Many of us overcome it and for few it remains and leaves a footprint in their memory.

Each one of us has a story to tell. All of us need attention. All of us require that care and each one of us loves to be pampered. All we need to know is that we are worth a lot. All we need to do is just cut the crap and move on. All we need to learn is to adjust. All we should do is listen to our heart and act wisely. All we need is that little push.

Mixed emotions, tears, failure are all the other side of a coin. When we meet success and achievement the opposite follows too. All we need to do is learn to cope up with it and find a solution to it rather than cribbing about it.

Life is too big to stick on to one person or one thing. Variety is the spice of life. Everyone gets bored of the same dish if given daily. 😉 we need change. 😛 we need variety. Teenage and the early twenties is definitely a mixture of EVERYTHING!!

You find yourself grownup and yet on the other hand the child inside you comes out when you are happy. Well, as I told earlier, it’s confusing but at the end its worth living it with a smile. J

It’s worth it. It is an unforgettable phase of your life where you find yourself doing stupid yet sweet things. You enjoy as well as experience the best moments that you would cherish and stack it up lifelong. This age is full of surprises and shocks, so get the most of it because it’s now or never. You will be the happiest when you recollect these treasured memories 20 years later to your grandchildren.

My teenage life and the page that is filled with all those extraordinary moments and memories indeed is and will always be “A PAGE THAT WAS BOOKMARKED”.



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