The Unspoken Love – A never ending saga

It is weird how the leaves fall off from the trees and new ones take their place; every year; again and again. It is interesting how seasons change and things change accordingly. The flowers know when to blossom and the birds know when to sing. It seems so perfect. It seems as if the leaves talk to the wind and butterflies kiss the flowers. The sunflower talks to the sun and the sun yearns to strike a conversation with the moon.

They are right there, always facing each other, far, completely opposite in nature, staring at each other, wanting to talk but both remain speechless. The urge of meeting is disrupted by distance, but each day they leave with a promise to come back in different form, at different time. It seems like the sun waits each day and dies slowly, slipping away into darkness; hoping to look at the moon and the moon seems to come up at his will. Some days, he comes up early and some days shows up late and sometimes leaves the sun in absolute darkness all alone. The sun burns with anger and haste; burns with discomfort because it hasn’t caught the glimpse of his love. That which stands there mocking and teasing the sun, not realizing that only he..can soothe the burning fire in the sun. Only he can provide solace to the sun. His glimpse would have given the sun peace, enough to sustain the rest of the time.

They wish to be together for a lifetime, but cannot, nevertheless trying each day and every night that follows..and this I know will continue for eternity because “Love knows no limits”.


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