Are you from the 90’s? Yea! Proud of it!!


The real change

Amazingly talented, open-minded, artistic, endowed with knowledge, self-reliant, positive and full of life; all these adjectives would be insufficient to describe the 90’s generation. Yes, you got me right. This generation has proved themselves I would say. They are brilliant in whatever they do. Any area, any field, you’d definitely find someone scoring to the peaks and what tops the cake is their age. Be it science, be it dance, be it photography, be it music, people who are in their 20’s today have just transformed India on their own. You might think that I am being biased because I am from the 90’s too but the examples that I give you would force you to agree with me.

Today, you no longer find youngsters doing exactly what their parents want them to do. It is hard to find a doctor’s child being a doctor like it used to happen in olden days. You wouldn’t find your neighbour’s teenager riding his dad’s scooter, instead you would find him driving a car. The old traditional India has now been revolutionized. I am 22 years old and I have friends of my age in different professions, you just have to name it. I have noticed the elders criticising Facebook and YouTube, but the fact is, this has given the youngsters the right platform to unleash their talents. 

I no longer find everyone rushing to be an engineer or a doctor, instead I am happy to notice that students are now taking up their passion as their career. Gone are the days when parents used to say “beta log kya kahenge”, and this generation is not bothered about log kya kahenge. They are independent and they have understood that they have to be the change that they want to see. The social networking websites has given them the power to show the world what they are capable of.  I see my classmates, my juniors and my seniors taking up professions which the previous generation might not have thought of doing it. This generation believes in being optimistic. They know what is right and what is wrong. There was a time when society dominated every house.

Talent wasn’t rewarded thanks to the influence of the cruel society, but this is not the case today. I have seen this cohort breaking all records. No more engineers or doctors, I find photographers, dancers, painters, beat boxers, singers and musicians everywhere. They have just stepped into the 20’s shoes, but they know how to think and break the stereotypes. They are amazing when it comes to balancing their life. Outings, party, work, passion, family..everything is balanced. There was a time when elders asked us to stand out and be different but on the other hand they forced us to follow the crowd when it came to marriage, profession and career, but that is not the case at present. They are not in a rush to get married. I have seen people getting married at an early age with the happy ending tag, and mind you, I am referring to the ‘love marriages’. This generation respects every religion, actually it doesn’t believe in the deep-rooted hoary caste, religion tag. They know science and they know that everyone is equal. I wouldn’t be surprised to find atheists outnumbering theists today. It is because we have moved on. Indian kids are not the same anymore.

We have made the change. We do what we feel like doing. Those who were born in the 90’s know that they have the freedom to pursue their dreams unlike their parents or grandparents. We are happy the way we are and will continue the same. I find people today accepting new things. And not to forget, we are updated when it comes to technology. Ask us and we’ll suggest the best gadget for you. We are no longer ashamed to talk about periods. We are no longer ashamed to discuss something that was treated unethical to even consider few years back.  We are willing to give and we are willing to get rewarded. We don’t believe in dowry; the same old buying a guy tradition instead we believe in getting married in a simple fashion. We aim to be on the top and do it with little ‘CHICHORAPANTI’ and we aren’t behind when it comes to ‘KAMINAGIRI’. We are helpful too. We hate it when somebody pinpoints our nation. We are modern, and when I say modern that doesn’t mean we love shorts and hate sarees. It doesn’t mean we booze all the time. It means that we are modern in our way of thinking and character. I am 100% sure every girl/guy of my age, would have clothes for all occasions. No matter how modern we look, we try our best to be ethnic during the festivals. Be it Diwali, Eid or Christmas, our wardrobe is stocked, and we celebrate it with equal excitement. Yes, we love expensive gifts and we also love to be on our own.

Yes, we find nothing wrong in live-in relationships and yes, we trust ourselves and our gut. We love to explore and love to innovate. It is astonishing to find blogs from young writers and incredible to know that they believe in changing the country and not blaming it. You’d find these people hanging around and they know the best ‘addas’ of their city. They do not take anything seriously, but when they do, nobody can stop them. They love music and their love for coffee spots and hookah parlors will never die. Think twice to take panga with them 😛 because they will never lose an argument. Friendship is their strength and that’s what keeps them going. Be it panipuri at a small bandi, or coffee at Starbucks, we will never mind as long as we have friends with us. Being with this generation is always fun.

Witty, smart, self-confident and remarkable is what I would love to describe them as.

They have made the change and I believe this will continue as India grows and continues to develop.  

To, all the people born in 90’s out there.. CHEERS!!


Are you from the 90’s?

Yeah!! And I’m proud of it.!! 😉


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