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My Friend’s Flat Screen Wedding

They say you always have a choice. They also say, there is always a next time. I personally, might disagree here because I certainly did not have a choice and I don’t think there is a NEXT time when it comes to your best friend’s wedding. Growing up in a normal Indian middle class family… Continue reading My Friend’s Flat Screen Wedding

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What I Learned After Watching ‘Before The Flood’

I have always been an ardent believer in climate change from the time I learned that the glaciers started to melt. It was way back in 2004 that I understood the term Global Warming and people thought I was crazy, because I tried to switch to “green” stuff way back in high school. I think… Continue reading What I Learned After Watching ‘Before The Flood’

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To All 20-Somethings

Warning: Strictly for 20 something people 😉 I have always watched people crumble and stand up. I have watched people change and I have watched them grieve over a loss and come out of it gradually. Young people who are mostly 20 something, go through a wave of unusual variety of emotions and fluctuations. I… Continue reading To All 20-Somethings

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Yes, I did not like New York city.

New York city, “THE” dream city. The city that never sleeps. New York city or the city of New York (with accent 😉 ) was on my bucket list since I had first heard of it. Yeah, you can blame Karan Johar’s movies for painting a beautiful picture of New York city for me since… Continue reading Yes, I did not like New York city.