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There’s Hyderabadis & There’s Rest of the Country

It is yet another day in the United States of America and I suddenly realized that I have been craving for the Hyderabadi delicacies for a while, which then, reminded me that it has been 4 long awful years that I had left Hyderabad. Now, I’m not having a meltdown here, but I thought about… Continue reading There’s Hyderabadis & There’s Rest of the Country

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Dear World, Tattoos are not a big deal in India

I cannot agree enough to the fact that people outside India, picture it in a rural setting in their minds most of the time. I agree times have changed and yes, they have changed big time in India. As I was thinking of an article to write this week, I thought let me write about… Continue reading Dear World, Tattoos are not a big deal in India

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Yes, I did not like New York city.

New York city, “THE” dream city. The city that never sleeps. New York city or the city of New York (with accent 😉 ) was on my bucket list since I had first heard of it. Yeah, you can blame Karan Johar’s movies for painting a beautiful picture of New York city for me since… Continue reading Yes, I did not like New York city.

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Social Networking and Smart Women

The buzzword today is Social Networking. We use this platform to showcase talents in every field. It is a must, to be updated with latest inventions and discoveries. Social networking sites have helped to prove the world, that women are not behind in any race and statistics have shown that there has been an increase… Continue reading Social Networking and Smart Women


Are you from the 90’s? Yea! Proud of it!!

The real change Amazingly talented, open-minded, artistic, endowed with knowledge, self-reliant, positive and full of life; all these adjectives would be insufficient to describe the 90’s generation. Yes, you got me right. This generation has proved themselves I would say. They are brilliant in whatever they do. Any area, any field, you’d definitely find someone… Continue reading Are you from the 90’s? Yea! Proud of it!!



“Teenage” obviously, confused phase of life where one undergoes changes both physically and mentally. An age where you think you are right but later, realize what you did was a mistake and that you were over confident. Youth, youngsters..people at the age of 14-21 think that they are the best. This generation demands all the cool… Continue reading THE PAGE THAT WAS BOOKMARKED