Are you from the 90’s? Yea! Proud of it!!

The real change Amazingly talented, open-minded, artistic, endowed with knowledge, self-reliant, positive and full of life; all these adjectives would be insufficient to describe the 90’s generation. Yes, you got me right. This generation has proved themselves I would say. They are brilliant in whatever they do. Any area, any field, you’d definitely find someone… Continue reading Are you from the 90’s? Yea! Proud of it!!

Depression, mental illness

DEPRESSION=mind gone nuts??

India..the land of culture, brain and talent. India..that country which tops the list when it comes to population and cultural riots. India..a country that is still developing after 69 years of independence. India..this country on one hand empowers women and on the other hand, is known for brutal rapes. A country where there is a… Continue reading DEPRESSION=mind gone nuts??


The Unspoken Love – A never ending saga

It is weird how the leaves fall off from the trees and new ones take their place; every year; again and again. It is interesting how seasons change and things change accordingly. The flowers know when to blossom and the birds know when to sing. It seems so perfect. It seems as if the leaves… Continue reading The Unspoken Love – A never ending saga



“Teenage” obviously, confused phase of life where one undergoes changes both physically and mentally. An age where you think you are right but later, realize what you did was a mistake and that you were over confident. Youth, youngsters..people at the age of 14-21 think that they are the best. This generation demands all the cool… Continue reading THE PAGE THAT WAS BOOKMARKED